A city-changing development and exclusive opportunity

$1 Billion Development

Construction Jobs 300+

Size: 51.3ha


To develop Australia’s first multi-purpose automotive and experience destination. This unique precinct will offer an unparalleled business and leisure hub unlike anything else offered in the market.


BAC wants to appoint a ‘Track and Event Operator’ to manage and maintain the performance track, as well develop the vision of the precinct into a events and experience destination by the second quarter of 2022.

This unique development has been designed to accommodate a range of activities from experiences, events, research, innovation, retailing and office space all connected by a 2.4 km performance track designed by Mark Skaife and iEDM. This project will be the first-of-its kind in Australia and the only development with potential for 24/7 operation. The successful partner will enjoy a suite of commercial opportunities, including: 

• Hosting driver experiences, leveraging a range of features and facilities within the precinct
• Facilitating vehicle test drives on the performance track
• Providing automotive branded and themed events,  launches and media events
• Facilitating corporate events and functions on and off-track
• Facilitating automotive research, innovation and development in a controlled environment
• Providing unrivalled advertising and marketing within the track area
• Partnering with education providers and tertiary institutions
• Fostering advancements in sustainable automotive technologies
• Leveraging retailing and branding possibilities to enhance reputation and awareness

For a copy of the Expression of Interest summary document, please contact David Oatley.

Project contacts

David Oatley

Property Development Manager
Property Development

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E david.oatley@bne.com.au 

George Delibaltas

Head of Property Development
BNE Property

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Ben Koop

Alinea Group

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Elliott O’Shea

Head of Sales & Investments – 
Queensland JLL

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